Dance Flow / Lightbox Sign Design

Client: Dance Flow by M&N

Category: Graphic Design

In the ever-changing world of arts and entertainment, mergers and collaborations often lead to new and exciting opportunities. One of these notable collaborations is the one that has been forged between M&N Dance and Dance Flow, and its most visible reflection is the update of the visual identity of “Dance Flow by M&N”.

The Light Box Sign

To bring this new visual identity to the real world, SuperVisual Creative Agency adapted the current Dance Flow logo with the M&N Dance logo, to install it on a light box sign outside the dance academy. This sign is a fundamental element for the visibility and recognition of the brand, so its design had to be striking and legible.

The lightbox sign retains the new logo in its most prominent form, lighting up the night with its presence. The bright colors and typography ensure that those passing by the dance academy can't help but notice it. It is a physical representation of the new "Dance Flow by M&N" identity, proudly announcing its partnership with Dance Flow.


Front Unit of M&N Dance Studi, with the old Light Box Sign