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Wrap Design is an increasingly popular technique for decorating and personalizing storefronts, vehicles, walls, furniture and more. In this article we will explore what Wrap Design is, the different ways to design it (integral, partial, adhesive) and the materials used in this creative and versatile process.

What is wraparound design?

Wrap Design is a design technique that involves applying a printed adhesive film to a surface to change its appearance or decorate it. This film adheres to the surface evenly, creating a “wrap around” effect that can completely transform the look of an object or surface.

Ways to Design:

Wrap Full: In the full design, the adhesive film covers the entire surface of the object, providing complete and uniform coverage. This type of design is ideal for vehicles or walls where a total change in appearance is desired.

Partial Wrap: In the partial design, the adhesive film is applied only to a specific part of the object, leaving other areas exposed. This allows for greater flexibility in design and customization, as interesting visual effects can be created by combining wrapped areas with unwrapped areas.

Wrap Decal: Decal design involves the application of pre-printed graphic elements onto a wrapped surface. These elements can be logos, lettering, images or patterns that are strategically placed to complement the overall design of the wrapper.

Materials Used in the Wrap Design:

Cast Vinyl: Cast vinyl is a durable, flexible material that easily adapts to the curves and shapes of the surface to be wrapped. It is ideal for full and partial designs on vehicles, as it can withstand extreme weather conditions and resist fading.

Solid Color Vinyl: This type of vinyl is available in a variety of solid colors and is commonly used in partial and decal designs. It is more economical than cast vinyl and offers a wide range of color options for customization.

Textured Vinyl: Textured vinyl includes a variety of special finishes, such as carbon, carbon fiber, brushed and matte. These finishes add an interesting tactile and visual element to the design and are popular in partial and decal design applications.

Clear Protective Film: This film is applied over the wrap to provide an additional layer of protection against scratches, abrasions, and sun and weather damage.

Wrap Design is a creative and versatile way to transform objects and surfaces with personalized and eye-catching designs. Whether you opt for a full, partial, or decal design, and use cast vinyl, solid-color vinyl, or textured vinyl, the design possibilities are endless. At SUPERVISUAL TEAM we are experts and we have the best local and online suppliers. We also provide you with only the design service so you can contact your own supplier. Explore and transform your store with the exciting world of Wrap Design!